12 July 2011

:: hello ::

I directed someone here today and realized just how neglectful I've been of my poor little blog. I've abandoned just-for-fun crafts in order to make paper flowers for my wedding this August! They are coming along... the centerpieces are done and look pretty cute, and I'm working on the bouquets and boutonnieres now (when I have time... which I am running out of, so I think I better make some time!)

Once the wedding is over I hope to fill the planning void with creative things... after I take about three weeks to do not much of anything!

14 September 2009

:: sunny round table - the after photos! ::

At long last, my little table is finally FINISHED!

Pretty cute, huh? :)

I started it in college I think, or a bit after... so it's been at least ten years since I started it! It had the blue legs for a long time, and then in March (see picture post below!) I decided to add in some black. I forgot about it for a while, but wanted to have it finished by the end of the summer. I completed it over Labor Day Weekend, and now it lives in my office at work. Hooray for accomplishing goals, no matter how long it takes! :D

23 August 2009

:: mini printing press ::

Check out my new toy!

After many years of wanting to try one, I finally got myself a little mini printing press. This one was usually $80 and with a sale and a 40% off coupon, I ended up getting it for $42 including shipping. Not bad. I realize that $80 isn't even all that much, but I just was never sure that I really needed one, so I was reluctant to spend the money.

So far it's not bad. Usually I would have to apply a lot of pressure to the baren (shown in upper right of photo, with the wooden handle), moving it about 6 times over the back of an image. With the new toy, I can just press it once, then give it one good press with the baren in the center, and I'm done. It would be nice if I didn't have to use the baren at all, but so far the center of the image does not fully transfer with the printing press alone. I might just need more practice.

20 August 2009

:: rainbow of thanks ::

Just finished printing some Thanks cards for my friend Steph's order... they look so cheerful and summery, don't they?

I love playing with the colors to create unique colors for each card. :)

21 March 2009

:: curly girl ::

Today we went on a little adventure to Marmalade, the totally adorable store in Belmont, MA that is run by Curly Girl designer Leigh Standley.  Although Leigh wasn't there today, we did get to meet Lucy the Wonder Dog, who was adorable indeed!  The Boy bought us a wall canvas for our newly-cute front hall.  I adore it, especially since he picked it out on his own.  :) I just love her stuff... I have her calendar hanging in my office, and "... cape and a nice tiara" framed above my art table.  Check her out if you haven't already!

And now, back to painting my table!

18 March 2009

:: table and chair ::

The Boy and I recently did our front foyer/room over, and so I wasn't sure what to do with my little painted table that I've been meaning to finish for years now (it was just in the room until we found something better). I decided that I would bring it (along with a chair I have also been meaning to finish) in to work to make a cute little seating area in my office, so that people do not have to stand when the stop in to talk to me.

Hopefully soon I will have some After photos! I hope I like it when it's finished, because I can't go back now!

Here it is before:

27 January 2009

:: oh hello there ::

I promised myself that I would do at least a little bit of artwork during my 8-week break from grad school. Well, classes start up again on Thursday and I have not done ANY!

Maybe tomorrow night when it is snowy outside I will create a new "love" block, since the one I have is rather warped from over-use. I guess I'm not surprised that it was the first to go. Maybe I will make the new one bigger, as it seems to be a popular one, and the one I have now is in the smallest size. I'm glad people enjoy spreading the . one word lucy . love! :)

In addition to the $30-something remaining on my Paper Source card mentioned in the previous post (from forever ago), I also have another one for $40. I need to get my butt over there! I have been hoarding it for the perfect items but I think I just need to go on a spree!